7 Foods That Are Ruining Your Kidneys


    The kidneys do hard work. Filtering and excreting waste products in the bloodstream is just the beginning. Your kidneys also maintain the balance of body fluids and release hormones that produce red blood cells, ensure bone health and regulate blood pressure.

    We work hard on our kidneys, knowingly and unknowingly, through diet, medicines and environmental toxins. The result can be a fight against kidney cancer, stones, polycystic kidney disease or even kidney failure.

    Some stresses in our kidneys can not be avoided, and because they are designed to handle toxins, we can trust that our kidneys are strong. But any organ can be overloaded and damaged.

    You may be surprised to learn how many foods can damage the kidneys, even those that seem healthy. Make sure you do not exaggerate eating any of the following 7 foods.


    If you are prone to kidney stones, nuts are not a good snack. They contain a category of mineral called oxalates, which is found in the most common type of kidney stone. If you have had stones in the past, it is best to avoid nuts completely.

    For healthy people, it is important to know your intake of foods that contain oxalate, such as spinach, beets, potato chips, chips and bran flakes.

    Some of these elements, including nuts, can be very healthy additions to your diet. But as in all things, balance is key. Choose a variety of vegetables instead of just spinach, and eat nuts only in moderation.



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