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10 Places You Should Visit Before They Vanish


Earth is decorated with a wide variety of fauna, sites, and historical monuments, but because of climate change and human recklessness, many of the world’s most prized assets are in danger of disappearing in the next 100 years if we don’t act fast and curb the way we live our day to day lives.

So read on below as we take you through some of the world’s most threatened natural wonders, from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the awe-inspiring bemouth of the Glacier National Park.

1Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Officially the largest coral reef in the world at 133,000 sq miles (344,400 sq km), the wonderous aquatic delight draws millions of tourists Down Under each year, yet delve deeper into the history of the popular attraction, and you’ll discover that it isn’t quite what it was.

Worryingly, the environmental challenges the hotspot attracts range from rising ocean temperatures to mass levels of rubbish and pollution, meaning this beloved wonder could be completely wiped out within the next 100 years.



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