10 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That Still Haven’t Been Fully Solved


    However immortal and other-worldly they may appear, celebrities dying is a natural part of life. But some of their deaths leave a lot of unanswered questions that can stay with us for many years.

    Just take the deaths of these 10 talents. While the cause of their deaths have mostly been solved, there remains a significant level of intrigue about the exact cause of their deaths, so much so that a host of conspiracy theories and debates have arisen from their sad passing.

    Below, we list 10 Hollywood deaths that remain shrouded in mystery.

    1Bobbi Kristina Brown, 2015

    The daughter of the late soul singer Whitney Houston died July 26, 2015, in an Atlanta hospice only six months after being found unconscious in the bathtub of her Georgia home. At just 22, Brown failed to regain consciousness and was unable to explain what had happened in the events leading up to her being unresponsive.

    After a year of tests, the autopsy revealed that she had died from a lethal combination of multiple drugs and drowning. However, the exact cause of her death was neither deemed intentional or accidental, so it was thus ruled “undetermined.”

    Family members have since pointed the finger at her boyfriend at the time, though no one has been charged with her death and that doesn’t look like it will change.



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